A 21-year-old man pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Thursday in the death of John Kwiatkowski.

Kwiatkowski, 29, was fatally beaten in his northeast Edmonton home in April 2011.

His killer cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act as he was just five days short of his 18th birthday when Kwiatkowski was slain.

The Crown wants him sentenced as an adult.

According to an agreed statement of facts, the young man escaped from a youth centre in Regina and travelled to Edmonton using a series of stolen vehicles.

He ended up in the Rundle Heights neighbourhood of Edmonton intending to steal from cars and houses.

When he found a house with its front door unlocked, he grabbed a piece of metal pipe and went inside.

Kwiatkowski was sleeping in the master bedroom. The youth entered the room and started striking Kwiatkowski in the head and neck with the pipe.

Kwiatkowski received about 20 blows, which killed him.

While the assault was underway, Kwiatkowski’s two-year-old daughter came inside the room.

The child sustained minor injuries when she struck accidentally by the pipe.

The youth took her back to her room and helped her get back to sleep.

Before leaving the house, he stole video games, a purse belonging to Kwiatkowski’s wife and the little girl's piggy bank.

In an interview with police after his arrest, the youth told police that he chose the house because the door was unlocked.

As for a motive, he told the investigator that he didn’t know what compelled him to kill Kwiatkowski. 

"I was drunk and I pretty much took my anger right out on him,” he said, adding that he would have taken his anger out on someone else if he entered another house.