People may be noticing a few extra Canadian flags in Edmonton neighbourhood these days.

Ken Haverland — referred to by many as the “old flag boy” — is the driving force behind Flags for Charities.

The 73-year-old travels around Edmonton putting large Canadian flags on the front lawns of generous neighbours.

“We’re using flags as a way of saying thank you for people making a donation to a charity they think is the best and the neediest out there,” said Haverland.

Haverland says all it takes is an email telling him you’ve made a donation to a charity of your choice and he will take care of the rest.

“There is no charge at all,” he said. “We give you the flag and then it’s just at your discretion whether you want to fly it all the time.”

In just one month, 160 flags have popped up across the city — including in Ingrid Crowther’s lawn.

“It just feels so great,” she said. “It makes you feel so warm and so proud to be living here and showing some pride in our country too.”

Haverland has kept track of how much money people have given to various charities, and so far about $50,000 has been donated.