Court documents obtained by CBC News show that David Charles Sandaker, the man killed during an arrest on Sunday, was the subject of restraining orders granted to two women in 2012.  

The orders were sought by his girlfriend at the time and another woman.

An affidavit attached to the restraining order granted to the second woman alleges that on Apr. 12, 2012, Sandaker sexually assaulted her after a night at a bar.

The woman wrote that initially she did not tell the girlfriend about the incident because of Sandaker’s “violent temper.”

But she changed her mind and both women went to the police the next day.

The following month, Sandaker was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. He was taken into custody but due to be released three weeks later. That had the second woman fearing for her life.

“He has threatened to my girlfriend that he will do harm to me when he gets out,” she wrote in her affidavit.

The documents show Sandaker’s girlfriend obtained an emergency restraining order against him in May 2012, which was subsequently extended through June 2013.

Sandaker was wanted for second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Michael Alan Hill, 38, in a west-end apartment on Apr. 26.

He was killed while police tried to arrest him in Riverbend.

A witness reported hearing around a dozen gunshots in the area and say an unmarked SUV rammed Sandaker while he was climbing a fence.

With files from the CBC's Charles Rusnell and Jennie Russell