Ronald Labelle is seen in video from a police interview in 2007. ((Edmonton Police Service))

A judge has found an Edmonton man guilty of making threats against Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach.

Ronald Labelle, 57, had pleaded not guilty to 31 offences, including three counts of uttering threats after a phone call on Sept. 7, 2007. He was found guilty of all charges on Wednesday.

In her decision, Provincial Court Judge Fern LeReverend said she was satisfied that Labelle "intended to intimidate the premier and cause him to feel threatened."

Labelle was arrested after a receptionist in the premier's office reported a call from a drunken man who threatened to dig up Stelmach's farm, kill his cattle and harm the premier.

On Tuesday, the court heard a videotaped police interview made the day of his arrest, in which Labelle, a construction worker, is asked repeatedly about the phone call.

After about half an hour of dodging the officer's questions, Labelle is heard to say, "I acted out stupidity, OK? Stupidity, frustration, stupidity, frustration. Nothing else. How the hell can I put it? I'm not blaming somebody else. I did it, OK? And I take full responsibility for what's happened."

During the interview, Labelle also blamed "a little bit of booze" for his actions, which the judge discounted in her verdict.

Labelle was also charged with 28 weapons offences after police found 14 unregistered rifles and shotguns in a cardboard box in his Edmonton home.

When asked if he had weapons in his home during the police interview, Labelle answered, "Not to my knowledge."

The judge did not accept that position Wednesday, saying Labelle must have known the firearms were in the house where he lived by himself.

Labelle is free on bail until his sentencing hearing, scheduled for May 26. The Crown said it will likely ask for jail time of less than two years.

Stelmach said Tuesday he's not following the case, but that he has faith in the justice system.