Man dies in west Edmonton garage fire

Tenant says victim was homeless but sometimes lived in the garage with the owner's permission
Edmonton fire investigators examine the remains of a garage that caught fire Wednesday night, killing a man in his sixties. (CBC )

A man in his sixties died Wednesday evening after a garage caught fire at a house in west Edmonton.

Firefighters were called to the home at 107th Avenue and 153rd Street around 6:30 p.m.

When they arrived, the garage attached to the house was completely engulfed in flames

"Heavy, heavy smoke, a lot of heat," said Station Captain Walter Gahler. "The crews got in there and found him him out right away but unfortunately it was too late."

Glen Harper, a tenant who lives in the house, says the man was homeless but occasionally lived in a trailer inside the garage with the owner’s permission.

The tenant says he saw the man smoking inside the trailer just before the fire started.

However, investigators are still trying to determine a cause.