Man dies after shooting in north Edmonton

A man who is believed to have been shot in Edmonton's north end has died, police said Thursday evening.
This tow truck was found several blocks away. (CBC)
A man who is believed to have been shot in Edmonton's north end has died, police said Thursday evening.

"There was an altercation at this location between our victim and another person that resulted in our victim being deceased," Homicide Det. Robert Mills said.

Police were called to 160th Avenue and 100th Street around 3:40 p.m. after several gunshots were heard in the area. An injured man was found at the scene and taken to hospital.

Police still know very little about what happened. A suspect has not been identified or found, though police believe he might be injured.

They don't know whether a silver Infiniti parked at the location was connected with the incident. They also don't know if there was a relationship between the victim and the suspect, nor will they confirm if shots were fired.

"I can't comment on what the victim died from and the actual altercation. The reasons for that are unknown at this time," Mills said.

Vince Bavaro was talking to his neighbours when he heard several shots. When he ran around the front of his house to see what happened, he saw a man running down the street.

The man then got into a yellow tow truck with a driver, which drove away, Bavaro said.

"That's all I saw. He was holding his arm," Bavaro said.

The tow truck was found just a few blocks away and the truck driver was not hurt. Police are questioning him as a witness.

Mills said police believe the driver and the dead man didn't know each other.