The trail in Rundle Park where a 40-year-old cyclist died Saturday is now under review by the city of Edmonton. 

Mark Torjusen of the community services department says the city will look at whether anything needs to be changed to improve cyclist safety in the area.  

The man, who has not been named, was trying to catch up with his nephews when he lost his balance on a trail that suddenly turned into a set of stairs.

The man fell off the bike and died. Police say it’s possible that he suffered a medical incident before falling off the bike.

There are reports that the man wasn’t wearing a helmet.

While there is a warning sign at the start of the trail, there is nothing at the point where the path ends and the stairs start.

“The stairs are made of gravel so when you...look at them at speed, you may not know there's actual steps in between,” said Mark Jung, president of the Red Bike Cycling Club.

The city’s safety review is expected to take a week.