It’s well known that exercise like a bike ride can help you clear your head — but one man hopes to take that to an extreme level.

Former advertising producer Dave Gill just finished riding his bike around the periphery of the continent — from New York to Alaska.

All that’s left now is to ride the rest of the way across Canada. Gill came through Edmonton on Friday.

Along the way, Gill has made a documentary about some of the people he has met along his 19,000-km trip – including singing cowgirls, Hollywood directors, entrepreneurs and kayakers.

He’s hoping to learn more about how people got to where they are in life, and hear about the decisions that brought them there.

Gill will be taking inspiration from dozens of stories he has collected as he decides what he'll do next in his own life. The only thing he knows for sure, he says, is that he wants to keep making documentaries.