Shawn Hennessey, one of two men convicted of manslaughter in the deaths of four RCMP officers near Mayerthorpe, Alta., was denied parole at a hearing on Wednesday.


Shawn Hennessey enters the Edmonton courthouse in January 2009. (CBC)

Hennessey was seeking day parole and full parole which was not granted, parole board spokesman Gary Sears said.

Hennessey's request for unauthorized temporary absence was also denied. Officials decided it was too soon to release the 32 year old and that he needs to be more open about his crime. 

"We're happy," said Grace Johnston, mother of one of the officers killed. "We feel that, in a sense, there is some justice."

Hennessey is serving a 10-year prison term for his role in the deaths of constables Peter Schiemann, Anthony Gordon, Brock Myrol and Leo Johnston.

The four officers were gunned down by James Roszko on March 3, 2005 before he turned the gun on himself.

Hennessey and his brother-in-law Dennis Cheesman pleaded guilty to manslaughter for giving Roszko a gun and a ride back to his farm where the officers were guarding a marijuana grow-op and auto parts chop shop in a Quonset hut.

Hennessey told the hearing that he will always be haunted by his actions. 

"I played a very large part in a very tragic event that led to the loss of four lives," he said.  "I am ashamed of myself for allowing me to be involved.

Cheeseman was denied parole last year after the board determined he wasn't ready to be released back into the community. 


With files from The Canadian Press