Man charged in string of southside fires

A man faces eight charges, including arson endangering life, after a string of fires Saturday
Police say the eight fires - which targeted homes, garages and vehicles - were spread across several blocks on the city's southside.

A man is charged with setting a string of fires in the city Saturday afternoon.

All eight of the fires happened on the city’s southside, between 104th and 106th Streets and 67th and 74th Avenues.

"The first one was called in at about 2 p.m., and it was about a two and a half hour span that the fires were called in," Debie Winwood, spokeswoman for Fire Rescue.

Fires were set at a home and three garages. Two vehicles and a couple of garbage bins were also set alight.

The suspect was found at the scene of the final fire and was arrested.

Winwood says the damage is estimated at around $100,000, but no injuries were reported.

The man now faces seven charges of arson and one count of arson endangering life.

Police say it is rare to see arson of this scale in the city.