A Fort McMurray man who was stopped on Wednesday after his car was seen speeding and swerving on Highway 63 had a “Club” anti-theft device locked on his steering wheel, RCMP said.

Witnesses told police that his erratic driving nearly caused a head-on crash.

When the man was stopped near Boyle, police initially thought he was driving a stolen vehicle. However, they soon were able to determine that he was the registered owner. 

So then the officer tried to get the man to explain why he had the device on his steering wheel. 

"[He] explained that he had difficulty taking the club off before but when requested to take it off by the member, it was taken off without a problem," said RCMP Cpl. John Spaans. 

"He wasn't uncooperative but disagreed that having this club on the steering wheel was unsafe."

The 27-year-old was charged with two offences under the Traffic Safety Act: careless driving and allowing an object to impede the safe operation of a motor vehicle