Man arrested after inoperable gun spotted on LRT

Edmonton Police arrested a man during Thursday's rush-hour after he was allegedly spotted carrying a rifle on the LRT.
Passengers stand on the platform during train delays at Central LRT station, one stop from Churchill station, which was closed after a rifle was spotted. (Mark Harvey/CBC)

Edmonton police arrested a man during Thursday’s rush-hour after he was allegedly spotted carrying a .22-calibre rifle on the LRT.

"There just happened to be a gentleman sitting there with a shotgun. Not in a bag or anything," Jackie Scott, the woman who first called police at around 4:30, told CBC News.

"He was sitting very calmly. A little bit scary."

Shortly after 5 p.m., police closed Churchill LRT station. Trains were delayed as officers followed up on the sighting. They say the suspect left the station and walked down 95th Street.

He walked about one kilometre east from the station and was taken into custody a short time later at 95th Street and 103A Avenue.

Churchill station was reopened and full LRT service restored within about 15 minutes.

Police say the man's rifle was unable to be fired, as the man had removed a bolt that makes it operable. He was not carrying any ammunition, and the ammo chamber was in his pocket.

"He did not have the weapon on him to cause mayhem or to actually use it," Staff Sgt. Malcolm Allan told CBC News.

The 40-year-old suspect was interviewed by police, who say the man will likely face charges for failing to safely transport a firearm.