Johnathan Quinn Lewis was in court Monday facing several charges, including aggravated sexual assault, choking to overcome resistance, and uttering death threats. ((CBC News))

Edmonton police have arrested a man in connection with two attacks on young girls, one in the bathroom of a public school.

Johnathan Quinn Lewis, 23,has been charged with aggravated sexual assault, choking to overcome resistance, uttering death threats, sexual interference, assault, sexual assault and two counts of unlawful confinement.

Gwen Atterbury, who has a son at Victoria School of Visual and Performing Arts where one of the alleged attacks occurred,said she is relieved there has been an arrest.

"My son is in the same class as the child that was attacked and he was very happy this morning when he heard about the arrest, and so was I."

Oliver School investigation continues

Police say two girls, aged eight and 12, were attacked on Jan. 8. The second girl was attacked on her way home from school in a residential area in the downtown.

Chief Mike Boyd said Monday his officers are still investigating an earlier attack on a Grade 2 girl at Oliver School.

Boydsaid Lewis was a suspect in that case and after the alleged attack, police monitored him. But the police chief wouldn't provide any details about how that was done or for how long.

Lewis made his first court appearance Monday morning. He has been remanded in custody for psychological assessment.

Principal says man approached third school

Edmonton public school staff reviewed security procedures aftertwoalleged attacks in school washrooms.

In April 2006, a Grade 2 student at Oliver School was allegedly grabbed by a man hiding in a stall when she went to the washroom on her way out for recess.

Then in January, two Grade 3 girls told police they were in the bathroom at Victoria school when one of the girls was assaulted. Police believed the suspect entered the bathroom before the girls arrived.

Late that same afternoon, a 12-year-old girl on her way home from school was attacked in a downtown residential area.

Roma Paul, the principal at Coronation School, told CBC News that on that same Januaryday, a suspiciousman had come into her school.

"He was given information for the day care because that is what he'd requested. And he was with someone at all times, and he didn't have any contact withany students at all."

Paul contacted police with a description of the man.