'Make your Truck Great Again': Edmonton auto shop turns Trump into unwitting sales rep

An Edmonton auto shop is hoping ‘the Donald,' and his ever-buoyant orange bouffant, can give their business a lift.

'I'm pretty sure no reasonable person would believe we had Donald Trump at our store building trucks'

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An Edmonton auto shop is hoping 'the Donald' can give its business a lift.

Time will tell if that was a bad call.

JB's Power Centre is using an image of presidential candidate Donald Trump in a new sales flyers, along with a new catchphrase to match."Make Your Truck Great Again."

The flyer features a photograph of Trump, with his infamous mop flattened under a bright red trucker hat, smiling wide and displaying a big thumbs-up. It's part of a pitch to peddle remote car starters, new rims and lift kits.

The flyer claims that JB's Power Centre has the Trump seal of approval — complete with the controversial candidate's ever-apparent bravado.

"When I build a truck — and nobody builds trucks better than me. Believe me, I have trucks built all over the place. JB's is the best.  What they do is unbelievable, just fantastic. Make your truck great again: go to JB's.

- Donald J. Trump

For the record, the Trump endorsement is far from official.

"I'm pretty sure no reasonable person would believe we had Donald Trump at our store building trucks," said Richard​ Morrison, the shop's manager.

"But hey, it's a good joke. We've got some pretty good laughs about it."

'Crazy things' 

Morrison admits that Trump is divisive.

In a case of bad timing, Morrison says the company published the flyer only hours before the ongoing sexual assault allegations plaguing the candidate made headlines.

"But for me, I don't know how surprising that stuff is about Donald Trump. The fact that he's not a nice guy to women? Gee. I'm surprised that has been so surprising for people," Morrison said. 

"For sure, it's a really serious topic, and as Canadians we're all spectators to this whole thing in the U.S.

"But there have been so many crazy things that have happened in this campaign. This is just one more big one on top of it all."  

Morrison has no great affection for Trump and has no qualms about using the red-haired Republican as a pawn in promoting his business.

Morrison just hopes potential customers won't miss the punch line.

"We're not really promoting our business with him. We're making a joke. We're riding on the coattails of everything," Morrison said. 

"We're not trying to change anybody's opinion about Donald Trump. We're just making a bit of a joke at his expense."

Response to the interview with Morrison prompted listener feedback to Edmonton AM, ranging from anger that an ad would feature a candidate who makes light of sexual assault, to listeners who thought the ad was funny.

When asked about Trump's litigious tendencies, Morrison says he is not concerned about getting sued for the unsanctioned ad.

"We would probably have to get in line behind a whole bunch of other people," he said.

"I think he has much bigger fish to fry than us."

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