MacEwan University wants to contribute $2 million to the cost of the community rink that is attached to Edmonton’s new downtown arena project.

In return, the university would get access to the $21 million facility for sports teams as well as recreational and academic uses.

MacEwan president David Atkinson said that the university currently uses arenas all over Edmonton, an arrangement that isn’t effective or efficient. 

"When the city suggested we might want to partner with them, and they’re only a block away, it seemed like a natural thing for us to do."

The province cut operating grants to Alberta post-secondary institutions by 6.8 per cent in this year's budget.

Atkinson says the $2 million would come out of a different budget, money the university sets aside for renovations, construction and land acquisition.

The funding would allow an increase in seating capacity from 300 to 1,000 to meet standards set by Canada West/Canadian Interuniversity Sport.