MacEwan University is restricting the use of electronic cigarettes to designated smoking areas on campus.

The university cites the World Health Organization's stance on e-cigarettes, which says the devices expose both smokers and non-smokers to nicotine and other toxins.

"We haven't had any issues with individuals smoking E-cigarettes in the building but we thought we should get out ahead of this before it becomes an issue for the university," said spokesman David Beharry.

Student Mohammed Elzin, who ​has quit using E-cigarettes said he accepts the new policy even if he disagrees with the reasoning.

"I still think it's only water vapour — it's not hurting anybody around them  no second-hand smoke or anything, which is pretty much why they were introduced in the first place," he said.

After the announcement Alberta Health Minister Stephen Mandel was asked if the province is going to take a stand on vaporized nicotine.

"We just finished passing our tobacco legislation and we'll let that paper, that ink dry first and then we'll look at other opportunities," Mandel said. 

WHO said electronic cigarettes should be banned in all workplaces.

Edmonton Northlands banned e-cigarettes from all of its buildings, including Rexall Place and the Expo Centre last month.