The man who is accused of shooting a woman in the face at the Stadium LRT station almost two years ago said he pulled a knife and then a gun to intimidate his victim.


Colton Ferguson is questioned by a EPS detective. (Alberta Justice)

Colton Barry Ferguson, 21, is on trial for the death of Heather Rae Thurier, 23, at the Stadium LRT station on May 21, 2010.

Ferguson testified in an Edmonton courtroom Monday that Thurrier was behaving agressively when he walked through the LRT station.

Earlier in the trial Thurier's brother, Travis Thurier, testified he and his sister approached Ferguson asking for a cigarette.

Ferguson testified he pulled a knife to intimidate Thurier and her friends.

When that didn't work, he pulled out a sawed-off rifle.

And they were still "getting in my face," he said.


Heather Rae Thurier was shot in the head May 21, 2010 at the Stadium LRT platform. (Facebook)

"I pointed it to scare them and they still argumented (sic) with me."

He pointed the gun again and when the situation calmed down, he walked away.

But then Thurrier "called me a goof," he said.

"Everything happened so fast," he said. "I never meant for nothin' to happen. And the gun went off."

The trial continues.