A WestJet flight bound for Los Angeles was turned back to Edmonton on Friday because the fatal shooting inside LAX prevented it from landing.

Los Angeles Terminal 3 was evacuated after a man with an assault rifle shot and killed an agent for the Transportation Security Administration and wounded two others.

Dale Andre

Dale Andre was heading to Los Angeles for a concert. (CBC)

WestJet Flight 1422 left Edmonton on Friday morning and turned around just as it was making its descent into Los Angeles, according to passenger Dale Andre.

“We left here -- three hours to fly to L.A. -- then three back,” he said.

“So we spent six hours on a plane going from Edmonton to Edmonton,.”

Andre was heading to Los Angeles to attend a concert that starts at noon on Saturday.

He has been rebooked on a flight early on Saturday morning, but he will have to make a connection in Calgary.

Joseph Machaalani was rebooked on a evening flight to Vancouver and make his connecting flight to Los Angeles on Saturday.

Joseph Machaalani

Joseph Machaalani will now arrive in Los Angeles on Saturday, five hours before the wedding he is planning to attend. (CBC )

Machaalini is flying to L.A. for a wedding will arrive five hours before the ceremony. However, he was glad he was able to avoid the situation at LAX.

“Thank God we returned because if we get there and [there’s] a shooting, for sure we’re scared.”

WestJet also cancelled their direct flights from L.A. to Edmonton and Calgary on Friday. A flight from Calgary to L.A. was diverted to San Diego.