Passengers on a WestJet flight from Maui waited four hours to exit the plane and collect their luggage after landing at Edmonton International Airport early Monday morning.

Courtney Rozendaal, her husband and three children under the age of eight landed just after midnight but didn’t leave the jet until 2:30 a.m.

Then the family waited another hour and a half to get their bags. They didn’t get home until 5 a.m.

Courtney Rozendaal

Courtney Rozendaal is frustrated that both WestJet and the airport said they weren't responsible for the delays. (CBC )

“We were just waiting and waiting and waiting,” Rozendaal said. “The kids ended up falling asleep on the floor and I wanted to sleep with them.”

Rozendaal says the situation was frustrating because both WestJet and airport staff told passengers they weren’t responsible for the delay.

Robert Palmer. WestJet’s manager of public relations, says Edmonton International Airport was experiencing many delays due to weather.

Flights were delayed, resulting in nine aircraft landing at the same time, double the normal number of flights at that time.

“If you’re waiting for flights and you’re expecting four …  it’s going to put a strain on resources and it’s going to take longer to unload the bags,” Palmer said.

WestJet’s baggage is handled by Airport Terminal Services or ATS. Palmer says the situation was unacceptable and the airline is taking steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.