Residents of the Cambridge Lofts on Jasper Avenue have started a petition to block a strip club from opening up in the building.

The Crazy Horse Night Club has applied to open in the space once occupied by Churchill’s, a bar that’s been boarded up for years.

"I just quickly drafted something together just so people … know that they have a say for what's going on with their building," said resident Scheherazade Shoeleh.

The city will only confirm that the application is for an "amusement establishment."

But Kent McKay from the building’s condo board has learned more specifics.

"It is a strip club," Mckay said. "Those are the exact words that I posed to the development officer. He confirmed it."

The club would share two entrances with the 200-unit tower and nearby elevators open directly onto the floors where the apartments are located.

That alarms some of the people who live there.

"I was very disgusted and even terrified because I'm worried about the type of people there's going to be down there," said Melanie Armand.

"There's a lot of women, families, young children -- people who aren't really interested in having that in the basement of their home," said David Lebaron.

 "I know myself I'm concerned about it and I think others in the building would share that concern."

The condo board is meeting with the club owners on May 27 to discuss their concerns.