Loblaw worker helps wounded friend during bloody rampage

Mark Belcourt recalls when he first heard cries for help, the Loblaw forklift operator thought someone had fallen off a piece of machinery.

Mark Belcourt was helping friend when attacker returned with 'cold, dead' stare

The Loblaw employee talks about helping his friend who was stabbed in Friday's attack 7:44

Mark Belcourt recalls when he first heard cries for help, the Loblaw forklift operator thought someone had fallen off a piece of machinery.

But when he looked over at his friend Mahmoud Ayesh, he saw blood. 

"I didn't even have to ask him what happened," he said recalling the scene at Loblaw warehouse in northwest Edmonton Friday afternoon. "He said, 'I have been stabbed. He kept stabbing me over and over again. He wouldn't stop. Help me. Help me.'"

Belcourt took off his jacket and applied pressure on some of the wounds, but there were so many, he said.

His manager came to help, but bending over his friend, he looked up to see one of his co-workers clutching a knife, moving toward him. 

"I will never forget that image. Just a cold, dead stare." 

Belcourt knew he wasn't able to lift Ayesh.

"I immediately started to back off toward the office area. I said, 'Mahmoud you have to get up. He is coming back. He suffered so much, but he got up. Somehow he staggered to his feet."

They made it inside the office where Belcourt tried to comfort his friend.

"I had to let him know that if you are going to die, you aren' t going to die alone. I am here." 

It was only after an ambulance arrived that Belcourt learned two people had been killed and four were injured. 

All of the injured are expected to recover.

Jayme Pasieka faces two first-degree murder charges, three attempted murder charges, aggravated assault and  possession of an offensive weapon.

He is back in Edmonton court on May 5.