A fire which was discovered west of Lindale, Alta. around 3 p.m. Wednesday more than doubled in size over a couple of hours.

According to Brazeau County, the fire grew from 17 hectares around 6 p.m. to 36 hectares just after 8 p.m.

One out-building has been destroyed so far. The fire jumped Township Road 500 early Wednesday evening.

The evacuation order affects people who live along Township Road 500, east of Highway 759 to RR 55 and people who live along RR60 and RR55, north of Township Road 494 to Township Road 502. .

Another 200 residents of the Birchwood area are on a one-hour evacuation notice.

Brazeau County officials said that evacuees can go to the Mackenzie Centre in Drayton Valley.

Firefighters continue to fight a wildfire in north Strathcona County where high winds are carrying embers up to 500 metres and lighting new fires.

Fire guards are being bulldozed around the largest burning sections in the area of Township Road 564 and Range Road 213A, but weather conditions, including humidity, temperature and wind, are keeping fire conditions extreme.

About 30 firefighters are on the scene where 640 acres of fields and forested land is burning or at risk, said Strathcona Fire Chief Darrell Reid.

This fire is not yet under control, but being well managed, with help from Sturgeon County. 

The county said emergency services staff have phoned every resident north of Highway 15.

No other residents or inhabited properties are currently at risk at this time.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.