Lillian Osborne students produce top distracted-driving video

A group of students from Lillian Osborne High School created an award winning video as part of a national contest to get drivers to ignore their mobile devices.
Lillian Osborne students win top award in viedo contest 1:13

A group of students from Lillian Osborne High School created an award winning video as part of a national contest to get drivers to ignore their mobile devices.

The video shows a young driver climbing into his car and driving away. He receives a text message while pulling up to a stop light. He looks up to see next to him the Grim Reaper who is gesturing to him to check his phone. 

"I'll be seeing you soon," the message says.

"People get into accidents, but they don't think, 'It could be me,'" said Rostyslav Soroka, who directed the video. "It's always, 'It could be you.' It's important to be aware of the consequences of distracted driving."

Soroka hopes the video's message will hit home for young drivers like himself.

"I hope that now that we've won the contest, more people will be able to see the video and understand the message."

The students say they will use the $1,500 in prize money to make more videos.

With files from CBC's Travis McEwan