The Alberta Liberal party is hoping that its new "Liberalberta" logo will turn some heads.

The logo features a mash-up of the words "Liberal" and "Alberta" and a green flag, a switch from the traditional Liberal red the party used before.

"We are still the Alberta Liberal Party," said party leader Raj Sherman. "Same brand, same values." 

University of Alberta marketing expert Robert Fisher approves of the logo and believes it may help change the perception that the Liberals are only an eastern Canadian party. It may also attract attention.

"The fact that it is a bit of a clever use of the two words and a combination of them, I think, will force people to stop and try to pronounce it, which may be part of the appeal," he said.

Although the Liberals only won five seats in the last provincial election, Sherman believes the party's fortunes are looking up because they're out of debt and gaining in popularity. He believes the colour choice reflects that new approach.

"Green's for go, we're on the move, we're coming up in the polls, the party is back in black, we're united as a family," he said.