For Donna Delorme, the holiday season is a time to teach the next generation about giving back.

For the past two winters, Delorme and her two grandchildren have been tying wool scarves and putting hats on trees in the winter for those in need in downtown Edmonton to take if they are cold.

"It's just about teaching my grandchildren about giving," she said Sunday, before setting out with Ambrielle, 8, and Shaquan, 7, to disperse the winter accessories. Delorme purchases the hats and scarves throughout the year. 

They start at the Bissell Centre and walk along 96th Street to the Mustard Seed. Delorme claims the path is well used by some of the city's less fortunate.

'We just want to help the homeless people'

Ambrielle now looks forward to the tradition each winter.  

"We just want to help the homeless people to get warm," she said.

The idea came to Delorme after seeing others giving back to the less fortunate in their own ways. She wanted to do something simple from which her grandchildren could learn.

"I just took it upon myself and I take the kids, bring them down here to show them how to give," she said.

Delorme says they now typically go out as a family a few times each winter to tie scarves to trees in the inner city.

Tailored donations to help the less fortunate

The Bissell Centre is a focal point for many of the city's less fortunate.

With up to 500 people visiting each day for a hot meal and other services, the community agency started a Holiday Gift Guide to tailor donations.

Darren Brennan

Darren Brennan, of the Bissell Centre, sorts through some of the winter outerwear Sunday. (CBC)

The gift guide allows people to go on the Bissell Centre's website and donate to specific programs.

"You can target your gift towards men, you can target it towards women, you can help out children, you can help people find work and it's very unique and one of a kind here in Edmonton for a Holiday Gift Guide," said Darren Brennan, a spokesperson for the Bissell Centre.

The community agency's Holiday Gift Guide can be found here.