Patrick Leach lost his licence plate while riding his motorbike last summer.  

He went to his local registry, got a new plate and reported the old one missing.

Fourteen months later, he opened his mail to find a photo-radar ticket … with his old plate … for a motorcycle he doesn't even own.

Now the Leduc resident wants somebody to make things right.

When he got the ticket, he immediately went back to the registry office and got a letter confirming he had reported the licence plate lost.

He mailed that letter in with the ticket, thinking that might be the end of things.


Next thing he knew, he got a notice to appear in court this coming February.  

He's angry that he has to jump through all these hoops to straighten out a clerical mistake.

"Unfortunately it went the opposite direction to, well we may have made a mistake and you need to prove it to us," he said. "Which flies in the face of my general understanding of burden of proof."

Service Alberta has said it is currently looking into Leach's file.

Leach says the ticket should be expunged and the court date cancelled right away.

"It's a little bit stupefying," he said, "that a system that has been running as long as this still has such a fundamental flaw in it."