Lawyer points finger of blame at Meer's wife

The lawyer of an Edmonton man charged with arson and extortion pointed to the man's son and even his wife as suspects in those crimes.

The lawyer of an Edmonton man charged with arson and extortion pointed to his client's wife and son as suspects in those crimes.

Jonathan David (Dave) Meer is on trial for 15 criminal charges. He is accused of masterminding a wave of violence against former business associates and having his son and his son's friends act as "foot soldiers" to carry out the acts.

Police believe Meer’s son, Christopher Meer, fled the country before he could be arrested.

Wednesday, during final arguments, Meer’s lawyer told the judge that 45-year-old Loreena Meer had just as much motive to do four business men harm as anybody.

The homes and companies the couple risked losing were registered in her name, said Ajay Juneja.

Earlier this week Loreena Meer staunchly defended her husband.

She admitted she kept a list of names in a day timer which had been entered as evidence.

She called it her "Bad Person List" – a list of names, numbers, and addresses for "everybody who ever did anything wrong to us. Sued us. Owed us money."

The names on that list included four business associates.

In 2007, the associates were targeted by firebombing, arson or had the windows of their homes shot out.

But she insisted her husband had nothing to do with going after those people on the list.

The trial wrapped up Wednesday afternoon. The verdict is expected Dec. 3.