A group of homeowners in the Laurier Heights neighbourhood are upset the city wants to add a sidewalk and turn the access road in front of their homes into a one-way street.

"No logic. It is total hogwash," said Trish Skoubis.

Skoubis says the access road was created so homeowners could easily reach their properties, not to act as as a thoroughfare for traffic.

Five of six neighbours on the block also oppose the plan because they believe it could destroy the mature trees on their properties.

The changes are included in the city’s neighbourhood reconstruction program for 2014. Skoubis says the city only informed residents about the plan in May.

"It was pretty much laid out to us what they planned to do," she said. " No consultation with us, the effect or anything. It was just done."

Adam Laughlin, the city’s director of neighbourhood renewal, said Laurier Heights has reached the point in its life cycle where it needs new sidewalks, curbs and roads.

Laughlin says the city wants to put in the section of sidewalk that is missing.

"To minimize the impact to trees and landscaping in the area is to narrow the road, put in a narrower sidewalk than our typical standard and the results of that is that we have to go to a one-way system," he said.

"It’s not something that’s not manageable in terms of access into the neighbourhood."

Laughlin said the city is open to discussing options but the reconstruction work will go ahead.

"The consultation phase … is what’s the best way to accommodate the walk, protect the trees and provide the road network that’s needed in the area," he said.

"The consultation element that's part of this process is not ‘Does the infrastructure reconstruction happen?’ That's not a yes or no. It will happen. Council’s committed to that."

Skoubis plans to take her fight to city council.