A proposed lakeside RV development is worrying cottage owners on Lake Isle about one hour west of Edmonton.

A developer is planning to build nearly 450 lots on land not far from the shoreline on the lake.


Lake Isle is already over-stressed, says water expert David Schindler. (CBC)

"We've got environment; we've got infrastructure; we've got loss of quality of life; we've got issues," said Deb Hunter, whose summer home is just down the lake from the proposed development.

She's worried about nesting ground for birds and the impact such a large development would have on the sewer system and roads.

University of Alberta water expert David Schindler said overdevelopment has already contaminated the lake with harmful nutrients, such as phosphorus.

"Lake Isle right now should have no more development," he said. "Every year there are complaints about blooms of noxious blue-green algae that float ashore and produce toxins causing beach closures."

The developer said a series of ponds proposed for the land sloping toward the lake will catch phosphorus and improve water quality.

"What these ponds are going to do is divert all the flows into the ponds so we're not going to have any direct flow into the lake," Riaz Choudrhy said.

A public hearing is scheduled for July 3rd.

With files from CBC's James Hees