Hometown hero Rene Bourque was the talk of Lac La Biche, Alta. on Wednesday, the day after he scored three goals in the Montreal Canadiens' win over the New York Rangers. 

Bourque's efforts helped the team avoid elimination in the Eastern Conference Finals and prompted a unique tribute in his hometown.

“We got super-excited and we went to Rene Bourque’s parents’ lawn and threw hats on the lawn to show support,” Christine Owchar said.

Gary Bourque said he is thankful for all the support the community has shown his son.

“Our phone never stopped ringing and right now on the front lawn there's mega-hats on the lawn,” he said. “People were dropping them off all night.”

Game 6 will be screened at the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche on Thursday. About a hundred people watched the game there Sunday night. 

Many hockey fans in town normally cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. So while they are happy for Rene and the Canadiens now, they have bigger hopes for the future. 

“A lot of comments we get — is jeeze, we sure hope Rene can be an Oiler before his career is done," Gary Bourque said with a chuckle.