Edmonton police now have a better picture of how and where murders happen in the city.

An extensive study by Sandy Jung, an associate professor at MacEwan University, looked at 124 cleared homicide cases between 2007 and 2012.

Knives are used more than any other weapon.

"If we look at weapon use for Canada you can see it's almost equal numbers in terms of the number of stabbings and the number of shootings. You look at Edmonton you're seeing 57 per cent ... involves edged weapons," Jung said. 

The numbers show both the victim and offender are most often male and known to each other.

The majority of offenders are white, unemployed, with little education and are criminally active.

The crimes typically occur downtown or in the city's northeast communities on weekends and at night.

EPS is now determining how it will use the information.

Homicide Study

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