Edmonton Griesbach MP Kerry Diotte apologized Tuesday for what he admits was a juvenile attempt at humour using a "Liberal Buzz Word Bingo" scorecard.

The bingo card, posted on Twitter following Monday's question period on Parliament Hill, included squares labelled "Syrians," "openness" and "indigenous."

Kerry Diotte Twitter Bingo

Diotte later deleted the tweet showing the card. (@KerryDiotte/Twitter)

The object, apparently, was to focus attention on "buzz words" that Tory MPs say are frequently used by the Liberal government.

Diotte credited Edmonton West MP Kelly McCauley with creating the custom bingo card.

Diotte later deleted his tweet, but not before hundreds of people on Twitter began criticizing the post, with some calling for his resignation.

Others, however, said they see no problem with the scorecard.

Both Diotte and McCauley tweeted out apologies on Tuesday, calling the game "juvenile" and "inappropriate."

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, who worked on city council with Diotte, called the "bingo card" a sign of the decline of public discourse in Canada.

"It's sad that that's what's happening in our federal Parliament," Iveson said. "I can tell you, I'd be very disappointed if any of that sort of behaviour ever showed up at city council."