Mayoral candidate Kerry Diotte has pulled a campaign video from his website, describing the controversy as a tempest in a teapot.

"I thought it would go by the way-side, that people would turn around and figure out what it was all about," he said. "It was a bit disappointing on Twitter because people were going after a restaurant owner with the impression that they supported me and, 'Oh my gosh if anyone supports Kerry Diotte. We'll have to not go to the restaurant.'

"It was very unfair and we just figured, it's over."

The video was shot at the downtown Edmonton restaurant the Blue Plate Diner and featured actors dismissing the proposed downtown arena deal.

Restaurant owner Rima Devitt gave Diotte permission to shoot the video, but said she didn't ask enough questions about the content and was embarrassed when she finally saw it.

Shortly after the video was posted, the restaurant became the target of negative attention on social media, with some criticizing it for appearing to support Diotte's campaign.

Diotte says the controversy has now been addressed by their decision to pull the video.