K-Days picked to replace Capital Ex

New name chosen after over 50,000 online votes among six options
The K-Days name, chosen from six other options, recalls back to when the festival was known as Klondike Days before being changed in 2006. (Travis McEwan/CBC)

It will be a return to the familiar for fairgoers in Edmonton next year after Northlands announced K-Days as the new name for the city's summer exhibition.

The new name refers to Klondike Days,  the name of the event until it was changed to Capital Ex in 2006.

"Everyone I talk to says they wanted K-Days back. So I’m very happy," said Alma Falardeau, who has at the announcement. Falardeau, who has worn a vintage Klondike dress to the exhibition almost every year since 1966, says despite the name change to Capital Ex, she never stopped calling it by the old title. "I think it spoiled it. Klondike Days...it was one of the things that Edmonton was known for. It’s our history."

The other possible options for a new name included EdFest, The Edmonton Exhibition, Edmonton Summer Exhibition, River City Festival, and River City Summer Fair.

That shortlist was pared down from over 2,000 submissions.

"I really didn't think K-Days would make the shortlist. Shows you what I know," said Northlands CEO Richard Andersen.

Despite the overwhelming majority of people voting for the old name,  Andersen says the choice to re-name the fair to Capital Ex wasn't a mistake.

"I don't think you can think you can say that. It really served its place and then you move on. The name is only just a name. The content is what is going to matter."