Edmonton man charged after RCMP find pit bull dead, 9 others in distress

A man who has faced charges for animal cruelty in the past is facing more after police found one dead pit bull and nine others in medical distress in a Redwater home.

Justin Iverson has been charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty

RCMP found one dead pit bull and nine others in medical distress after searching a home in Redwater on Dec. 14. (istock)

A man charged last month with willfully causing the suffering of an animal is facing more criminal charges after police found one pit bull dead and nine others in medical distress at a home in Redwater.

Justin Iverson is facing multiple new charges including five counts of cruelty to animals and five counts of causing injury to animals. He is also facing 10 charges of failing to comply with a court order.

In a release, Redwater RCMP said they were asked by the Edmonton Police Service to check a residence in Sturgeon County on Dec. 14 to make sure a man was following court conditions to not own or possess any animals.

When they arrived on scene, RCMP heard several dogs barking and crying inside the residence with no one home. RCMP found one dead pit bull outside and large amounts of animal feces around the residence.  

Police and the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals searched the building and found nine pit bulls in various levels of distress. The dogs showed signs of malnourishment and had injuries on their faces and legs.

The dogs were picked up by the Edmonton Humane Society and transported to Edmonton.

In December, Iverson and Christine Archambault were charged with eight counts each under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta after several people reported the pair were selling puppies in poor condition under the name Ivy's Bullies.

At that time, Iverson was charged with two counts of willfully causing the suffering of an animal under the Criminal Code.

Iverson is scheduled to appear in Fort Saskatchewan provincial court on Feb. 16.

Jenna Rice submitted this video of dogs being seized by the Edmonton Humane Society. 0:28