Concerns about student safety have prompted a southwest Edmonton school to consider using photo enforcement to crack down on parents who break traffic laws.

About 1,000 students attend Johnny Bright School  and many are dropped off or picked up at school by their parents, creating traffic jams.

Assistant Principal Letisha Carter says there are concerns some parents are putting students in danger so police plan to step up enforcement.

“What they’ve decided is that they’re going to bring cameras out...they want to start taking some pictures and sending out tickets,” she said.

Police have been out to the school four times to talk to parents about keeping roads safe. Carter says photo enforcement will send a strong message,

“Let parents know that we’re serious,” she said. “We want the safety for all students and their children.”

Jason Nelson has a daughter at Johnny Bright. He says parents need to take responsibility and drive safely.

“Dangerous things have been happening around here,” he said. “Try to hold personal accountability to make sure that you’re doing the right thing.”

The photo enforcement initiative is still being discussed so there’s no word on when ticketing will start.