Jim McCormick, former president of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, confirmed Monday that he resigned from the party's board of directors two weeks ago.

"I cannot and will not participate on a board where the head has no respect for it, its role and its members, regardless of letter, the intent, the spirit of the constitution thus exposing volunteers to personal liability," McCormick said in a posting on Facebook.

He said he stepped down from the board of directors on March 24 after receiving "guidance" from lawyers.

"He's a strong leader within a political party and he's stepping away," said Tory MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans. "I think that's sad."

Glans said the last 18 months have been trying for McCormick, a man who has "deep concern for the party's reputation and the party's performance, and with a sense of accountability to the public." 

McCormick served as the president of the PCAA from November 2012 until Terri Beaupre was elected to take his place last November. 

In a written statement, Beaupre acknowledged McCormick's resignation and wished him well. 

"Jim McCormick has been a valued member of our team for a long time, and we appreciate all that he's done to serve this party and province," she said.

"I can confirm we received Mr. McCormick's resignation on March 24th, 2015. We accepted his resignation, and wish him all the best in the future."‚Äč

McCormick's post doesn't give additional details on the events that prompted him to step down.

However, the resignation comes after the party became embroiled in a number of controversial nomination battles where candidates were disqualified at the last minute without being given an explanation.

Progressive Conservative leader Jim Prentice is expected to call a provincial election on Tuesday.