Edmonton police have formally charged Jayme Pasieka with two counts of first-degree murder after a bloody stabbing rampage at a Loblaws grocery warehouse on Friday.

The 29-year-old was arrested later that day after a three hour manhunt.

Police allege Pasieka fatally stabbed 50-year-old Fitzroy Harris and 41-year-old Thierno Bah shortly after 2 p.m. when he entered the facility in the area of 161 Street and 121 A Avenue carrying two weapons.

Members of Edmonton's Guinean community gathered at the Africa Centre Sunday to remember Bah. They read from the Qu'ran and prayed for the married father of four children.

Four other men ages 21, 29, 34 and 44 were also injured in the attack.

Police said at a Saturday news conference that the 34-year-old whose identity has not been made public remains in hospital in serious but stable condition.

Pasieka also faces charges for one count of attempted murder and two counts of possession an of an offensive weapon.

Police said further charges are pending.

A search of Pasieka's home took place on Saturday but police were not willing to provide details on what evidence may have been gathered.

Police search home

Investigators have also not speculated on what may have been the motive for the attack.

Neil Lemay, a former Mountie who used to head up security for the Alberta government, said there are often signs ahead of time.

"The most important thing that a co-worker could do is if they see or have concerns about an individual is they report it to their supervisor or manager," Lemay said. "Managers and supervisors are obligated to do something about it because they've now identified a workplace hazard."

Pasieka was previously convicted in 2009 of threatening to cause death or bodily harm and assault with a weapon.

One co-worker who spoke to CBC on Friday described Pasieka as "very weird. No friends, nothing ..."

Staff-Sgt. Bill Clark said at a Saturday news conference that the accused had been "cooperative" and "calm" since his arrest.

"I can tell you that he has been very calm, very polite and he has been cooperative. I won't be able to go into details of what he has told us, or what he has talked about," he said.

Pasieka is expected to make a court appearance on Monday.