The Jasper Avenue reconstruction project is expected to be back on schedule this spring after experiencing unexpected delays partly due to problems with the repairs to Central LRT Station.

Construction crews are working 17 hours a day, six days a week, to get the project done by October.

Work to fix the station’s leaky roof has taken longer due to missing information in the original plans for the 35-year-old station. Bad weather has also created delays.

According to a city report, the north side of the sidewalk is expected to be completed by the end of March.

The four lanes of traffic were originally supposed to be opened over the winter but that won’t happen until construction is completed in October.

Coun. Jane Batty admits construction has been rough on area businesses but she isn’t sure that they will get a break on their taxes    

"Certainly (it) isn't something that we've looked at and I don't think they've done it in the past to be honest and I'm not sure it's a conversation we should have publicly now," she said.

"I suspect that the city won't , but if there's a good case to be built we'd certainly look at it.

The $44 million project is still expected to come in on budget.