Edmonton-Strathcona Conservative candidate Rahim Jaffer speaks to reporters Tuesday night in Edmonton. (CBC)

Conservative candidate Rahim Jaffer has not yet conceded defeat in Edmonton-Strathcona to NDP candidate Linda Duncan, and will not say anything until the results of Tuesday's election are checked by the riding's returning officer, his campaign said Wednesday.

Duncan appeared to have won the riding Tuesday night by a margin of 442 votes, making her the only non-Conservative to win a seat in Alberta.

However, Jaffer is refusing to concede or make any statements until the results are validated.

The returning officer for the riding began the validation process Wednesday. It is considered a review, not an official recount, and according to Elections Canada, it is normally done in close races. However, the review could take days.

"If he thinks he's got a valid reason to question it; he's fully within his rights to do it," Duncan said of Jaffer Wednesday. "But I'm hoping that it's some kind of a valid concern and that he's got particular concerns to drag it on. Because I think the people in the area have a right to know who their MP is so they can start phoning with their issues."

Duncan is confident that she will still be the MP once the results are validated, but she's frustrated with how long the process could take.

Jaffer has been the MP for Edmonton-Strathcona since 1997. Duncan lost to him by a margin of 5,000 votes when she ran against him in 2006.

She spent her campaign trying to convince people who would normally vote Liberal to vote for her, to avoid vote-splitting on the left.

The Liberal candidate, Claudette Roy, received 9.1 percent of the vote. Green candidate Jane Thrall received 6.5 percent, and the candidate for the Marxist-Leninist party, Kevan Hunter, received 0.3 percent.