Cleanup is underway at a northern Alberta well site after a pipeline ruptured, spilling 560 barrels of an oil and water mixture into swampy area.

The leak was detected Monday at a pipeline owned by Calgary-based Mount Bastion Oil & Gas Corp, said the Alberta Energy Regulator. 

Alberta Energy Regulator spokesperson Jordan Fitzgerald said the oil emulsion spill affected about 5,000 square metres of swampy muskeg about 65 kilometres northwest of Red Earth Creek, which is about 420 kilometres north of Edmonton.

There have been no reports of injury to wildlife or damage to nearby creeks, Fitzgerald said.

About 66,000 litres of liquid was spilled before the release was contained.

Data on the AER website indicates the spill is the largest of three pipeline leaks the company has reported in the past 16 months.

In July 2016, it reported a pipeline leaked about 315 barrels of oil and 125 barrels of produced saltwater at a site 75 kilometres northwest of Red Earth Creek and in December 2016 it reported a leak of three barrels of oil and 120 barrels of saltwater at a site 30 kilometres northeast of town.

Fitzgerald said the company's previous record will be considered by staff as they investigate the spill. The company could face penalties ranging from warnings to fines or licence restrictions.