An inquiry report into two Edmonton-area Baptist schools which refuse to allow gay straight alliances in school has been completed.

Education Minister David Eggen has confirmed the inquiry report from Edmonton labour lawyer Dan Scott on the Independent Baptist Christian School Society schools has been received by his department and the results will soon be shared with the public.

"Mr. Scott, who built the report, was very thorough," Eggen said this week.

"There are issues that just don't affect the independent Baptist schools in question. The report does reference independent schools in general, so I need to work with that information in general to ensure a fair decision."

Eggen ordered the inquiry into the society at the end of September.

The society operates two schools in Parkland County which receive provincial funding.

Brian Coldwell

Pastor Brian Coldwell, chair of the Independent Baptist Christian Education Society, said new LGBTQ policy requirements don't respect religious and parental rights.

The inquiry is part of a number of steps Eggen can take. Ultimately, as education minister, he can withdraw funding from the schools. The schools could also lose their provincial registration.

Provincial legislation requires schools to allow GSAs when students request them.

But in August, society chairman Pastor Brian Coldwell said there would be no GSAs in his schools.

He said there was no way he would allow "gay activists" to undermine religious freedoms and "confuse and corrupt our children."

Eggen has said that he intends to enforce the law. 

GSAs are student-run after-school clubs made up of straight and LGBTQ students. Advocates say these groups protect LGBTQ students from bullying and create acceptance and awareness in schools.