A 21-year-old man is facing numerous impaired-driving related charges after a deadly crash in Edmonton this morning that killed a 40-year-old man. 

A man was speeding in his SUV the wrong way on 83rd Avenue, a one-way road, police said.

After crossing four lanes of traffic on 109th Street, the SUV slammed into a southbound car with two people inside.

"I saw his SUV travel down 83rd a bit and spin and land right by that pole," said witness T.J. Mair. "And then the Volkswagen car went through here, spun around and stopped right there facing this way"

Three vehicles, including two cabs, stopped to help.

"We didn't know what to do," Mair said. "I looked inside the driver side and I couldn't even recognize a human."

The driver of the car was killed, while a passenger was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The accused was also taken to hospital, treated and then arrested.