Idle No More plans blockade south of Edmonton

Protesters plan to blockade part of Gateway Boulevard ,south of Edmonton, Wednesday afternoon.

Protesters with the Idle No More movement plan to blockade part of Gateway Boulevard, south of Edmonton, Wednesday afternoon.

"The Canadian public needs to know what is going on," said Calvin Bruneau,chief of the Papaschase First Nation.

Protesters plan to set up the blockade at 1 p.m. It is to last for two hours.

The blockade is planned for the movement’s Day of Action, which will feature demonstrations across the country to protest Bill C-45, which proposes changes to the environmental protections for Canadian waterways, as well as the Indian Act.

At a rally in West Edmonton Mall over the weekend, some First Nations leaders warned against setting up blockades, fearing that it would turn public opinion against Idle No More.

Bruneau said any ire from the public at large should be directed to the government, not the protesters.

"They need to be getting after the federal government, they shouldn’t be getting after us," he said.

"They should be made with the federal government over the way they have been treating aboriginal people over all these years."

Bruneau said he has informed both the city and the Edmonton police about the planned blockade.