With the daytime highs hovering around zero, Ice on Whyte Festival organizers say they aren't worried about ramping things up for the weekend.

The festival plans to have all new carvings on display starting this Saturday, according to festival producer Wanda Bornn.

Bornn said this is not the first time the festival has faced warmer temperatures, and she's not a bit concerned.

"This is probably our fourth or fifth out of 15 festivals where it has gotten very warm," said Bornn.

Attendance at the festival, which kicked off Jan. 21,  is expected to be high due, in no small part, to the forecast - which calls for balmy temperatures of 1 C on Saturday and minus -3 C on Sunday.

"The warmness also gives a shine to the ice, polishes it up," Bornn said.

The last chance to enjoy the festival is Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., in End of Steel Park, on Gateway Blvd. and on Tommy Banks Way.