Ice mounds crash through garages at Lac Ste. Anne

Cabin owners on Lac Ste. Anne, west of Edmonton, come upon a bizarre scene where ice floes crashed through their boat houses and garages.
Strong winds sent large ice floes from Lake Isle plowing through shoreline boat houses and garages 1:37

Cabin owners near Alberta Beach, west of Edmonton, came upon a bizarre scene Tuesday.

Ice plowed through garages and boathouses on Lac Ste. Anne. (CBC)

Around 11:30 p.m. Monday, strong winds sent large ice floes crashing off Lac Ste. Anne, bulldozing through surrounding boat houses and garages. 

The ice accumulated into rooftop-high piles of frozen chunks. 

As Silvana Benolich reports in the video, the residents are left shovelling out the ice to assess the damage.


  • An earlier version wrongly identified the lake.
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