Huge windrows cleared from senior's sidewalk

The city admits it made a mistake when snow was piled on the sidewalk in front of senior's house, according to her daughter
Helen Pierce is celebrating her 100th birthday on Saturday. (CBC)

City crews have cleared windrows from the home of an Edmonton senior who is expecting 200 guests for her 100th birthday party on Saturday. 

After CBC News made inquiries with the city, crews were sent late Friday afternoon to the home belonging to Helen Pierce. 

Sharon Anderson (left) talks to CBC reporter Trisha Estabrooks about the snow piled in front of her mother's house in north Edmonton. (CBC )
Pierce and her daughter Sharon Anderson talked to CBC earlier in the day about snow blocking part of the sidewalk in front of Pierce’s home. The snow had been cleared from the back alley. 

Anderson was worried about how that would affect her mother's party. Guests could access the house through the driveway, but it would be a major inconvenience.

“I’m obviously going to have to somehow or another find a bobcat to clear this and we’ll have to pay for it,” Anderson said. 

“This is just unacceptable.”

The city of Edmonton stopped clearing windrows in that area because crews were needed elsewhere to work on potholes and residential blading.

Anderson says that the city admits that a mistake was made.