If you're flying out of the city this weekend, make sure to give yourself extra time. More than 20,000 travellers are expected to pass through Edmonton International Airport each day during the Easter long weekend.

Chris Chodan, EIA's senior communications advisor, says it's one of the busiest times of the year as Easter and spring break align. The number of people booked on flights through Edmonton usually goes up by 10 per cent.

"It's kind of the perfect storm," Chodan says. "You also have to factor into that that there will be people dropping them off or greeting them when they arrive."

Chodan says the most popular destinations are Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. 

EIA planes

Sunny destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean are most popular with Edmonton travellers during Easter long weekend. (Zoe Todd)

To keep lines and wait-times short, Chodan has some tips for travellers:

  1. Check in online within 24 hours before a flight. This allows you to skip the check-in line and head straight for the baggage drop-off.
  2. Review baggage policies before your flight, and weigh your luggage so you're not surprised by weight and size restrictions.
  3. At security, put small metal accessories into your jacket pockets and then place everything on the conveyor belt for screening. Chodan says he uses this technique himself to cut down on the time he spends gathering up his watch, phone, and loose change at the other end of security.
  4. Headed to a warmer climate? If you parked at the airport, you can check your winter coat at departures for free before jetting off into the sunshine.
  5. Remember the restrictions for liquids in carry-on bags. Chodan says it's especially common for sunscreen bottles to be confiscated at security.

"Come early, that's the biggest thing," Chodan says. "We're pretty efficient at the security checkpoints, but just come early. It's better to have a little bit of extra time than not enough."

chris chodan

Chris Chodan, EIA's senior communications advisor, says the combination of Easter and spring break is the perfect storm for long lines and wait times. (Zoe Todd)