Robert Stanley, shown in a family photo, was 75 when he was killed. He was driving a school bus along Edmonton's Whitemud Freeway when two teens dropped a boulder on him. ((CBC))

The second teenager involved in a deadly prank that killed an elderly bus driver won't be going to jail.

Robert Stanley, 75, was killed on June 1, 2002, when a boulder the size of a basketball was dropped from a bridge over Edmonton's Whitemud Freeway.

The rock crashed through Stanley's school bus windshield, striking him in the chest.

The boys, both 15 at the time,agreed to a pact not to talk about the incident again but one came forward when the wrong person was charged with the crime.

In youth court Tuesday,the second teen received the same sentence as the first— a six-month house arrest, 18 months probation and 240 hours of community service work.

Robert Stanley's son Rick said outside court that the family is disappointed andhad beenhoping for jail time.

"This is sort of a slap on the wrist," he said. "They got community service, they get that over with two or three years down the road, they just carry on with life."

Judge Danielle Dalton, who also sentenced the first teen,said there was little difference in the amount of responsibility each teenager had for Stanley's death.

She said she felt the second teen showed remorse, despite the fact he initially pleaded not guilty to manslaughter.

When sentencing the first teen, Dalton called the incident "adolescent stupidity at its zenith."