The Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton can now take donations of breast milk that is more easily digested by premature babies.

The milk, which comes from pre-approved donors, will be shipped to Calgary where it will be pasteurized at the Mothers' Milk Bank.

Gail Cameron with Covenant Health said the Edmonton depot makes it easier to get donations.

"To know that we have almost an unlimited tap of suppliers just by being able to say, 'Just come to our hospital. We'll help you sort through the red tape, and figure out what your next steps are,'" she said.

The service has already helped one baby girl and her mother.

Trina Anderson wasn't able to breastfeed her newborn daughter when she was born 5½ weeks premature, so having access to donated breast milk was helpful.

"She wouldn't have come this far, this fast, if we didn't go that way," Anderson said. "In 13 days, she's well over her birthweight. Now, she's almost four pounds, so big progress."

The non-profit group has approved 70 donors since it started in April. Another 90 applications are awaiting screening.